All you Need to Know About Swimming Pool Safety in NSW

If you are planning to add a swimming pool to your property in Sydney, or anywhere in NSW, you will need to ensure that the pool and the fencing comply with state requirements. Here is a list of essential requirements in order to obtain a pool safety compliance certificate.

The Pool Fencing

The pool fencing must be at least 1200mm from the ground, with no gaps at the bottom of the fence that exceed 100mm, and the same goes for any horizontal or vertical gaps in the fence. Most Australian homeowners choose glass for the pool fencing, mainly because it allows you to see inside the pool area, which is a great idea. If you would like a quote for glass pool fencing, search online for an established pool fencing contractor, who would be happy to quote for the project.

Major Points

The major points regarding pool safety are as follows:

·         There must be a sign inside the pool are with diagrams on how to resuscitate a drowning person and this sign must be visible from any location within the pool area.

·         Inside the pool area, there can be no garden furniture (including BBQ), in fact, the only objects that can be stored in the pool area, are pool cleaning implements.

·         The Non-Climbable Zone – This is an area that covers an arc from the top of the fencing to the ground, with a distance of 900mm, and there should be no items (natural or man-made) within that area, as they could be used by a child to climb the pool fencing. It is important that you check this, because if the pool safety inspector finds any item within the NCZ, then the pool will not be issued with a safety compliance certificate.

·         In the event the pool fencing merges with the perimeter fencing, the fence needs to be at least 1800mm in height, from the floor inside the pool area.

Once you think your pool is ready for inspection, contact one of the accredited swimming pool certifiers that service your area and they would be happy to send an inspector at an agreed time and date to carry out the safety inspection.

If you would like to know more about the safety requirements for swimming pools in NSW, you can search online for the government website that will furnish you with all the information you need.

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