Glazing on Fire Doors

For those of you who are the person responsible for fire safety in a building, whether it is a residential or a commercial property, you’ll understand how important it is to have access to proper fire doors that meet the strict requirements of fire safety regulation. There are a few different options open to you when you look at fire safety and depending on the type of property you are responsible for and the type of use that it experiences, you might need to install a fire door. Make sure that you choose a fire door supplier that has a strong reputation for supplying robust fire doors that meet all criteria.

Fire doors must meet strict standards of fire safety to be of any use. A fire door must also be used correctly and it is vital that any person who lives and works in a property that you are responsible for, understands how to use fire doors correctly, not to prop them open and to know where to go in the event of a fire.

When choosing a fire door though, it isn’t always just the practically that you must think of (although that must always be the priority). You can also consider the style and whether you can choose a fire door that is aesthetically pleasing, including how glazing can add a touch of sophistication to the style of your doors.

Not only does glazing on a fire door look good, it also offers additional safety benefits. It allows for people to see through the door and if other people are walking towards the door. This helps to minimise accidents in the workplace, but also in the event of a fire it provides a clear indication as to whether a door can be opened or not as you can see what’s on the other side.

This approach to the style of the door also allows you to choose fire doors that are practical but that also fit in with the style and décor of the property. Glazed fire doors are often seen in reception areas of healthcare institutions for instance, as it provides a much warmer feel and welcome to visitors than solid doors that you cannot see through.

The added light that this brings to any room with fire doors can boost morale for those working all the time in those rooms, as well as lower energy costs as the building is not so reliant on artificial lighting.

Choosing a good supplier of fire doors is an important part of your fire safety responsibilities. Whether you choose a glazed door or a full timber fire door, depending on your location and situation, what is really important is whether the fire door functions as it should, providing separation and protection that allows people to safely escape from the fire and smoke in a building once the worst happens. If you can choose wisely at the begin, install correctly and implement a stringent fire safety policy that every person understands, you can breathe a sigh a relief and now you have done everything you can to keep people safe from harm.

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