Learning The Simple Facts About Making Potting Soil

If you are interested in gardening, the first step is to figure out all the basic details. Among the first things you would need is potting soil. The good news is you can buy ready potting soil from the market, but in case you are wondering how to make organic soil, it’s important to know the ground facts. Here are some of the aspects worth knowing about potting soil.

What about brands of potting soil?

Many gardening and landscaping enthusiasts are surprised to know that most brands get their potting soil from the same facilities, basic ingredients are sourced from same suppliers, and what changes is the brand name. No matter how fancy the same, potting soil is the same, although there are many brands that have claims with regards to non-use of fertilizers. The sad news is there is no fixed way of regulating how these products are made and packed. Even if an unwanted ingredient features on the label, you are never really sure how much of it is there in the soil.

So, can you make your own potting soil?

Yes, there are many recipes out there on how to make potting soil from scratch. Experts recommend changing nutrients time and again, before finding something that actually works. Ideally, start by studying on why a particular ingredient is added to the mix in the first place, which allows you to decide on the potting soil recipe that may work for your gardening needs.

Base recipe

A simple recipe of potting soil would require three equal parts of three ingredients – coco (or leaf mold), pumice (or perlite), and compost. In case you are not using coco or lead mold, you can also consider sphagnum peat moss. Compost can be made at home too. Just pick the right greens and browns, mix all of that together, and place that in a bin. Your compost needs oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon, for the organisms to work, and it will be ready in a few days. The other ingredients can be purchased from any of the online stores, but if you can go for organic and known brands, it’s always better, because you can be assured of the quality of the soil.

Final word

Making potting soil at home doesn’t have to be complicated, and the amount you spend on the ingredients would be much lesser than what you would spend on ready brand mixes. Just follow the right recipe and ensure the mix is done right.

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