The Very Real Dangerous Of Asbestos In Your Home Or Business.

Believe it or not, but up to 5000 people still die every day from asbestos related illnesses. In the past, asbestos was commonly used in things such as cement sheeting, drainage and flue pipes, in roofing, and also the guttering that is used to catch the rainwater. In the 1960s and 70s, loose fiber asbestos, was also used for your home’s roof insulation. If your home or business premises was built prior to these dates, then there is a very real chance that you have asbestos in your building. This is something that you should not try to find out for yourself, and so you need to call in a professional company to deal with it properly.

Health effects.

Luckily for you, there are asbestos removal companies in Perth, that can remove this potentially dangerous building product, safely and responsibly. If you are breathing asbestos fibers, then it can cause a number of illnesses like lung cancer, and your risk increases depending on the number of these fibers that you have inhaled. The terrible thing is that the symptoms of breathing in asbestos, are not noticed until 20 to 30 years, after the fact. By then, it is probably too late to do anything to help you.

Call out the professionals.

If you suspect that you have any asbestos in your building, then it is essential that you get it assessed, and if needed, removed as soon as possible. This work must be done by a licensed professional, and you need to make sure that the remover is on the list that is accredited by your local government department. They know how to remove it safely, and to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. This is not the time to be cutting costs, as it may cost you and your employees, and your family, their health.

Take precautions.

If you come across any material that you think might be contaminated with asbestos, you can take some short-term precautions to minimise your overall exposure. Try spraying it with water so that the dust doesn’t get into the air, or if it is on the outside, then try covering it with some sheeting to protect it from the weather. If you feel that asbestos has been installed in your roof space for insulation purposes, then do not, under any circumstances, go into the space, and stop all access to the area as well.

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