Important Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Home and Moving to Nashville

Nashville is known for its music, people, Southern hospitality and booming housing market. It provides a variety of housing options from small homes to historic mansions and everything in between. If you are planning to move to Nashville, you want to choose a new home for sale in Nashville that meets your needs at the price you can afford. Fortunately, there are many homes for sale in the city for all types of budgets and needs.

This post explores the best reasons to live in the Music City and how to pick the right home for you:

What Makes Nashville a Great Place to Live In

People move to and stay in Nashville because of the many things it can offer.

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Here are some reasons you may want to live here:

  • It is a growing city. Those who live in Nashville see growth taking place each day on the roads and in spaces that used to be open farmlands. Aside from the growth in population, the city sees an increase in homes, businesses, and schools. It has been considered one of the hottest markets for single-family housing in the United States.
  • Your housing dollar can go further here. Did you know that Tennessee does not collect state income tax? Also, property tax rates in Nashville are some of the lowest in the state. That is why the city has the fifth lowest cost of living in the country. But, keep in mind that sales tax is levied across all retail and is at a higher rate than neighboring states.
  • It’s home to celebrities. As the city has a country-meets-city feel, it has become an escape for country singers and other celebrities. Nashville celebrities live, work, and occasionally sing in the community.

Tips to Consider when Buying a Home in Nashville

The Nashville metro area and the suburbs provide a wide range of housing choices with a mix of both new and old construction, small and homes, and architectural diversity. Home prices vary, making home-search here quite welcoming.

Aside from housing prices and options, it is important to consider the following when buying a home in Nashville:

  • Nashville is built on a loop, which makes it easier for drivers to move between the major interstates. Housing choices in the downtown area have limited public transit choices, but Uber remains the favorite pick. Nashville suburbs can also vary in walkability.
  • The best time to buy a house in Nashville is during the back-to-school period before the school year begins. Once you have examined your wants and needs, you must make a precise decision in this fast-moving housing market.

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