Comparing Chicago Carpet Cleaning Services: A Quick Guide!

Carpeted floors are great to look at. Besides adding aesthetic appeal, carpets are comfortable and cozy, and no matter the kind of interiors you have, carpets and rugs always add warmth and beauty to the house. What is often a challenge is maintenance. If you are in Chicago, finding professional carpet cleaners doesn’t have to be hard. In this post, we are sharing tips for comparing the options.

“Do I really need professional carpet cleaning?”

Absolutely, yes! Vacuuming the carpets every week is just not enough for cleanliness and maintenance. Keep in mind that carpets tend to harbor contaminants and dirt, and if you have pets, kids, or older parents at home, you have to be even more careful. Professional cleaners don’t merely clean the carpets, but they take care of the stains and other issues, like pet dander. You can expect your carpets to last longer, and there won’t be much to do in terms of cleaning on a regular basis.

Finding a service

When it comes to comparing Chicago carpet cleaning services, there are a few things to consider.

  • First and foremost, consider the technology. The best companies rely on what are called powerful vacuums, with super-hot water, which clean carpets completely, getting rid of all dust and particles. Many companies also have their patented systems for cleaning carpets, which is an added advantage, but do ask about the process. Check if they can remove all kinds of odor and stains from your carpet.

  • You don’t want to wait for days for a carpet cleaning company to respond to your email or call. Find a company that takes your job on priority, and when their experts arrive, get an estimate, which is the next thing on our list.
  • Getting an estimate. Don’t be thrilled to pick a carpet cleaning service because they are the cheapest of all. The idea is not just to clean the carpets, but also to prevent damage to the material. Companies often cut corners to offer cheap carpet cleaning, and replacement may become a bigger expense for you after a point.
  • All carpet cleaning services need to be licensed and insured. Make sure that they have their own team of trained carpet cleaners, and they should be insured and bonded for the job.

Get references if you want to know a carpet cleaning service better, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions related to their work.

A residential carpet is required to be cleaned at least twice a year, but commercial carpets need more frequent attention because there are typically more people in those areas.

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