Increasing The Value Of Your Home On A Budget

If you are considering placing your home on the housing market, you are also likely to be seeking ways to obtain the best possible value from your investment. While much of the housing market remains beyond the control of individual residents, with prices fluctuating on the grounds of larger social and economic trends, there remain a few actions that residents can take to improve their property’s value and appeal.

For many, this is likely to suggest costly and extensive renovations, those that see attics converted and extensions built. However, while these investments certainly do have a substantial impact on property value, they are not the only ways to improve a home. In fact, there are a number of great ways that property value and appeal can be increased on a budget.

New Windows

Double glazing is no longer the gold standard for window quality and it is triple-glazing that now holds the crown. These window designs insulate homes much more effectively and also minimise noise levels outside even further, making them an incredibly appealing option for homeowners, especially those who live in residential and urban areas.

By upgrading property windows, a homeowner helps to futureproof a property and reduce the ongoing costs residents may otherwise face when heating their home.

Garden Offices

There are so many reasons why homeowners are seeking stylish outbuildings in their garden spaces, certainly more so than garden sheds, which are becoming less popular each year. Perhaps the most significant motivator for log cabins and summer houses is, however, the need for a home office.

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With a greater number of residents now working remotely, it is increasingly important to have a private space for professional purposes that doesn’t compromise a personal living space. Since log cabins can be quickly and affordably added to a home, they are by far the most popular option for residents looking to increase their property’s value.

Aesthetic Makeovers

Whether adding a splash of paint to the exterior of a home or sprucing up a bathroom, simply freshening up the surface of a living space can make a significant difference to the impression a property makes on others. Since decoration work is generally low cost, especially when compared with structural renovations, it is championed as an ideal way to improve a property’s value without breaking a budget.

Front Doors

It sounds superficial but homes make the same impact on us in the same way that individuals make a first impression. This is why, when choosing which features of a home to renovate or redecorate when working to a tight budget, homeowners would do well to prioritise those that visitors will first see.

One such example is the front door. This simple asset can make a wondrous first impression or, if left neglected, can set a negative tone for the entire property. As such, estate agents and housing developers will often nudge sellers to choose a brilliant front door to make the most of welcoming guests.

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