Looking For Self-Watering Planters? Things To Know!

In recent years, the popularity of container gardening has surged considerably. This is primarily because most apartment dwellers and homeowners don’t have adequate land to pursue the hobby of gardening. However, generic container gardening also requires a lot of effort, because the soil and everything related to the plant’s growth has to be manually checked for. If you would want to grow a few flowing plants, salad greens and selected herbs, you can consider a self watering planter instead. As the name suggests, self-watering planters are designed to simplify the task of enthusiastic gardeners, and in this post, we are sharing more on the basics.

Reviewing the latest self-watering planters

If you think container gardening is just enough for your hobby, think again. Pots have to be checked for water, placement, so that the plant gets necessary air, water, and sunlight. With self-watering planters, you are done with half of the things. Note that brands are selling all sorts of models, but the best ones are designed to be complete hydroponic devices. In general, a self-watering planter will have a water tank or reservoir, with accessories like LED light source, charging cable and wall plug. The tank is usually powered by a pump, and you may even have a control panel that will help in adjusting light interval. Some planters may have a water dripping system, so your plants will get the essential moisture required.

What can be grown in these planters?

Not all planters are huge, so you need to do your homework and find one that can accommodate at least five to eight plants. The plants that need to get more sunlight or light, will have to be close to the LED light source. Besides a few flowing plants, you can also choose to grow herbs and fresh salad greens.

What are the various benefits?

There’s no denying that self-watering planters are the only choice for homeowners who don’t have a garden or don’t have time to care for container plants. The all-in-one planters are super easy to use, don’t require any additional effort to set up. You can use mediums like coconut coil, soil, or clay pebbles to grow plants, and the entire process of watering and providing light will be taken care of. With advanced self-watering planters, you can even actually use preset settings to keep all aspects in check. For example, if you allow the water dripping system to work every seven days, the pump will automatically operate for the preset number of minutes on that given date. Not to forget, you are saving time and effort, and if you are someone who likes to grow greens at home, there is nothing better than a self-watering planter for your gardening needs.

Costing and more

It depends on the product. A fully functional self-watering planter will cost somewhere around $100 or more, but again, the features determine the price. Think of this as an investment and buy a planter that is large enough and has easy adjustment features.

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