Available Lots for Sale in Chesterfield, VA: Things to Know If You Want to Live Here in Chesterfield

Chesterfield County is Virginia’s fourth most populated country. With more than 437 square miles, it ranks in the top 50 of the state based on size. The county is home to more than 40 international companies. It has been known for being the place of firsts where the first tobacco crops were grown for trade with Europe, the first American hospital was opened in 1622, and the first state college was born in 1882. If you are looking for Available Lots For Sale in Chesterfield, VA, you will never run out of options.

Chesterfield Borders

The county is bordered by two rivers that define miles of its boundaries. Most adjoining cities originated at the fall line of these rivers. The Piedmont region falls to the flat eastern coastal plain Tidewater region. Richmond and Manchester were established at the fall line of the James River. The majority of Chesterfield’s northern portion is part of Richmond’s South Side.

Moreover, Chesterfield borders on the Appomattox River to the south. Much of its eastern and southern parts are considered part of the Tri-Cities area that includes Petersburg. The perfect location of the county is of the reasons many people consider it the first choice community in which to live, work, and raise a family and play. It is home to more than 318, 000 people and its popularity is to the excellent programs and services it offers.

Home Search: Where to Start

Aside from rich history, the Chesterfield area is abundant with natural beauty across 20 public parks. Its real estate covers over a thousand neighborhoods. Also, if you are planning to buy a house, you can pick a Victorian home in the Bon air area. If you prefer to invest in new construction homes, consider the Brandermill or Woodlake planned communities to start your home search. Aside from the variety of neighborhoods available, you can also choose among the kinds of homes for sale in Chesterfield. From spacious, luxury waterfront property to quaint cottage-style homes or attractive brick ranches, real estate in the county has the perfect house for you.

Water and Wastewater Services

Chesterfield County offers water and wastewater services. Residential customers may need to give a deposit and renting businesses or commercial customers may need a $300 deposit. Every residential tenant should bring an original, written lease for the property for which they are seeking service. They will need to pay a fee of $15 to open an account.

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