Less Is Not More: Why Bigger Homes Are Better Than Smaller Ones

Small spaces became a trending topic on the internet several years ago, and until now. Thanks to the tiny apartments in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, many people realized that they could live efficiently in a 20-sqm or less space. As long as you have a bed and a bathroom, you’re set for a sustainable life.

But are small spaces really worth the hype? Sure, it’s all some people can afford, but if you can go bigger, why not take the chance? After all, bigger spaces allow for larger and more rooms, so you’d enjoy a smoother flow of traffic and privacy. You don’t need a mansion anyway, so choosing a bigger home doesn’t always result in wasted square footage.

Besides, not all people living in cramped apartments have a good quality of life. Social media may be filled with tiny, minimalist homes that look airy and clean, but you’d hardly find those in real life. People own things, and even if they don’t hoard, their belongings will always cause their spaces to suffocate over time.

That said, here are the other reasons less isn’t always more when it comes to homes:

  1. You Can Stay in a Bigger Home for Longer

A condo may sustain you for now, but when you start a family or a small business that requires heaps of storage, you’d realize that you should’ve bought a house instead. Many new parents actually wish they had chosen a house from the get-go, or at least a condo with multiple bedrooms.

Some people may say that kids will leave their nests in time anyway, but how far ahead is that yet? Most probably seventeen years at least, the typical age when they enter college. During those seventeen years, you’d surely accumulate tons of things and possibly more children. Simply put, you’d outgrow your small space and inevitably demand more room.

Therefore, if you choose a bigger home, you can be assured that you won’t outgrow it too soon. If it’s just you and your spouse, for now, you can convert other rooms into a home office, home theater, and nursery for your future child. You can have a guest room as well.

Furthermore, you’d love to stay in a bigger home for the long-term, especially if you had it built. Skilled and experienced framing contractors  aren’t cheap, but they build your home to last and withstand the elements. It’d be a shame to disregard its function and versatility.

  1. You Have More Spaces for Entertaining

Entertaining guests isn’t probably your forte if you’re an introvert, but even so, you’d love the luxury of guest spaces. People will still come over once in a while, and during that time, you’d be thankful for having a retreat far from them.

What’s more, a guest room, a spacious kitchen, and outdoor living spaces allow a smoother traffic flow in your home. No one would trip over furniture or step into another guest’s foot because you’re all crammed together like commuters in the rush hour. You can host parties and be confident that your guests will enjoy their stay, and your home will remain unscathed.

  1. Your Pets Can Run Wild in Their Own Play Pits

Although a big house doesn’t automatically provide a pet play pit, you can make one. Enclose an area in your yard or basement. Let your fur babies run wild in it while you go about your business secured that no furniture of yours will get torn.

Your pets’ mental health will also benefit from a larger space. In particular, dogs can feel stressed when they bump into one another, especially if they are territorial. So by giving them a wide, sprawling space to play in, they’d be calmer and probably friendlier with one another. And, of course, they’d no longer destroy what they shouldn’t be touching in the first place.

  1. The Costs of Living are Worth it

People who chose smaller homes may tell you that bigger abodes are riddled with hidden costs. Sure enough, its mortgage amount is higher, so is the homeowner’s insurance and overall maintenance. But if you’d benefit from those expenses tremendously, you’ve made the right choice to choose a bigger space.

For instance, the deck may demand more of your money and attention, but you won’t spend for its upkeep daily anyway. Chances are it has durable and low-maintenance flooring, so all you need to do is sweep it regularly and dust the furniture. It will also give you fresh air, and a time away from technology, not to mention space for entertaining, so the money you paid for it is absolutely worth it.

Lastly, you won’t likely remodel a big home often. Perhaps only once in a span of ten years. As long as you don’t fill it with stuff more than you need, your spacious home will stay functional and airy for a long time and earn you a fortune when you sell it.

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