2 Wants and a Need for Your Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools provide an adventure for your home. Who needs to travel, pay and then stand in line for waterparks when you can have your own fun with family in the backyard? People often need inspiration for how they can transform their pool and make it festive and beautiful. But, they also need to focus on important stuff such as maintenance and water testing Pittsburgh. So, here are two wants and a need for your backyard pool.

Build a Deck

Building a deck in your backyard can boost how often you use your pool. It makes the 3 to 6 foot high pool easier to climb into without the need for slippery ladders. It creates a new look for your home that feels more complete and official. Decks also have huge opportunities for customization. Try building your own bar on top of your deck to serve drinks for pool parties. A two for one event like that will be a big attraction for family and friends. Build some shade so you can lounge comfortably around your pool. This will be especially useful when it’s hot out and you want a reprieve. Set up some lights! This can create a warm vibe if you’re looking to swim at night and inspire a festive tone. It also increases safety since you can see where you’re going in and outside of your pool.

Get Games

Another thing that makes pool parties come alive are the games you play. Invest in floaties to distract the kids. Buy a portable beer pong table for the adults. having amenities besides the pool can keep people engaged and get them doing other things. Get a ball for the pool and make a sport out of it too. the options are endless when it comes to finding fun ways to liven up the party.

Routine Cleanliness

Now for the need, always check the cleanliness of your pool when it’s not in use or after a big event. You should check on your pool’s chlorinator if you have one. this makes sure a healthy amount of chlorine is in your water to keep it sanitary. Check your pool’s hair and lint pot. if your yard is frequently used check this part regularly; pools attract a ton of hair, lint and whatever was on people’s feet.

Designing your yard around a pool can be really fun for you and your family. It opens up new windows of opportunities to connect with people and create your own water park. Just make sure you keep it clean.

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