Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2023

Many people think of their Kitchen Remodeling Pasadena as the heart of their home. It’s where we prepare meals, spend time with friends and family, and unwind after a long day. The best way to create a space that has all these functions is by incorporating functionalities from recent trends in kitchens—and there are plenty to choose from!

Breakfast nooks and more space for eating

Breakfast nooks are still on the rise, and we expect that trend to continue. This is another way for homeowners to create more space for eating in the kitchen without sacrificing counter or cabinet space. Instead of having one long table that spans across your Kitchen Remodeling Companies Pasadena and into the dining room, a breakfast nook makes it easier for you to have your morning meal in a designated area where you can enjoy both eating and socializing with family or friends without feeling cramped.

Another popular trend we’re seeing this year is having an island in addition to your regular work surface. Some people prefer having two separate areas: one for cooking and another for serving food, but others prefer having everything right there together so they don’t need as much storage during meal prep time (meaning less cleanup). Either way works fine—it just depends on how much space you want in each room

Insta-worthy lighting

Lighting is a big part of the kitchen design, so it’s important to keep in mind that lighting can make or break your kitchen. If you choose the wrong type of lighting for your space, you’ll end up with a room that looks smaller, darker and less inviting than it could be. So think about which style of lighting fits your aesthetic when choosing pieces for your space:

If you want an open-concept kitchen with lots of natural light coming in from windows and skylights, then consider installing chandeliers over the dining table or pendants above countertops. These kinds of fixtures will give off enough glow to highlight colors while still keeping things bright and airy.

If on the other hand you’re trying to create an intimate environment where people want to linger over dinner after they’ve been out all day running errands (and who isn’t?), then stick with table lamps next to seats so that guests feel comfortable enough interacting socially even after dark has fallen outside their window panes — plus those same lamps can double as bedside table lamps when people inevitably fall asleep watching Netflix after eating too much ice cream at midnight because everyone knows ice cream makes everything better!

These trends will help you turn your kitchen into a place where you want to spend your time.

As the heart of your home, it’s important to make sure that your kitchen maximizes its functionality. A well-designed kitchen helps you enjoy spending time with family and friends in a comfortable space.

It’s also important to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen because it can be used for entertaining guests and even as a place where you can unwind after work.


We’ve outlined some of the top trends in kitchen remodeling for 2023, but there are so many other things that could influence the way you design your kitchen. What do you think? Are there any trends we missed? Let us know while viewing this infographic that made by Mr. Cabinet Care.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2023

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