Termites Destroy $5 Billion Worth of Property

You might be unaware that your house may be under attack by not one by thousands of tiny creatures. They are ruthless invisible invaders destroying your backyard, walls, and furniture; they relentlessly work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Termites destroy properties worth $5 billion in the US alone annually. There are about 2,800 species of termites, but fortunately, few are destructive and cause harm to humans. They are silent killers destroying your property noiselessly with no apparent signs. Termites feed on cellulose-based substances; all homes, irrespective of the material used, can be infested with termites.

Annual inspection

You may assume your property is termite free as they are undetected, but they may silently destroy your dearest possession, your home. To be safer ground, conduct an annual inspection by pest control in Beaumont, texas, to be ascertaining your home is free from termite infestation. If there are termites, they will cause structural damage to your home. The inspection prevents potential damage. Old buildings are more prone to termite infestation than newer ones, but irrespective of the age of the structure, an inspection by a professional pest controller is judicious. A thorough examination will exhibit the presence of termites and take steps accordingly. It saves a lot of money and future hassles. An annual examination assures your home is safe from termites which gives you peace of mind.

Ground or subterranean

Ground or subterranean termites thrive underground in colonies and eat away timber. They can live as deep as one hundred fifty feet or forty-five meters. This genus of termites is common in the United States and can cause extensive structural damage. Subterranean termites are responsible for 95% of the total damage caused by termites in North America. There could be one million termites in a swarm, and they can destroy fifteen pounds (6.8 kilograms) of timber in a week. They cause damage to wood, plastic pipes, insulation, beams, and other structures.

Drywood termites

Drywood termites flourish on the ground thriving in wood and trees. They derive the water content from humidity in the air rather than moisture on plants. They are more common in Southeast US and Southern California. They chew the wood inside out. They thrive in doorframes, attics, and window casing; apparently, the structure looks unharmed but rots from within. Dampwood termites, as the name suggests, live in moist wood and places. It is a potential pest along the Pacific coast. Formosan termites are the most destructive among all geniuses. These termites move through infested wooden railway stakes. In Louisiana, 30% of trees may be infested with Formosan termites.

Methodically inspects

 Pest control Lumberton tx methodically inspects your property for any signs of termite damage. The technicians are well-versed in signs of termite damage, its behavior, tools, and techniques to destroy and prevent termite damage permanently. They assess how much damage the termites cause and how to avert the potential threat from termites. They deploy the latest technology for effective termite prevention applicable to both commercial and residential properties. Sometimes they use a dehumidifier in damp areas to prevent the influx of termites.

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