Want An Outdoor Water Fountain For Your Home? Check These Tips!

Having a water feature in your landscaped garden can transform your exterior space. There are various types of features to consider, but nothing beats the classic beauty of a fountain. When it comes to landscaping and installation of outdoor water fountains in Miami, you will find a bunch of contractors, who can offer valuable inputs specific to your project. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic aspects that need attention.

Know the designs

Today, you can find outdoor water fountains in almost any shape, design and theme. The most common one is a tiered fountain, and then there is the option of pedestal fountain that’s ideal for homes with pets. You can consider outdoor water fountains that have a pool at the base, or something like wall fountain.


For obvious reasons, you want the fountain to be placed somewhere visible. If you have kids at home, or a happy dog, ensure that the fountain isn’t easily accessible to them though. Ideally, outdoor water fountains should be the focal point of your garden or yard, but it all depends on the landscaping plan. Some people like their fountains and water features in an area that is more likely to be visited by birds.

Consider the practical aspects

Water fountains need maintenance, no matter the material, and at some point, you may have to call the professions. Ensure that the placement of the fountain is such that cleaning and upkeep doesn’t become a hassle. Secondly, consider the fountain is placed rightly for adequate power and water supply. You want both to be accessible to the feature, or you may need to spend more on installation.


Eventually, it all comes down to your budget. Let your landscaping service know the extent of your spending limit, so that they can help you make the right choice. They can also source an outdoor water fountain from one of their vendors at a better price, compared to what normally retailers would charge.

Ask about maintenance

Let the landscaping service know if you intend to maintain the fountain on your own, or would hire someone. If you are thinking of this as a habit, do not go for an oversized outdoor water fountain, which will be hard to maintain.

Check online for more ideas and designs in trending water fountains, but ensure that the design works for your garden and landscaping theme.

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