Questions For A Masonry Contractor: Guide For Homeowners!

You have found cracked mortar bricks on your property. While the problem may not seem immediate or complicated, there could be consequences. Broken concrete slabs and mortar bricks can impact the structural integrity of the property, if not repaired in time. Calling a masonry contractor is always handy, so that you can do away with minimal repairs, instead of extensive replacement work. If you are in areas such as Fort Worth, local services like Brick Experts can be really handy. Before you hire a masonry contractor, here are some questions worth asking.

  1. “What kind of services do you offer?”

Most masonry contractors do more than just basic repairs. Some of the services that you can expect include masonry construction & repair, brick restoration, concrete masonry, mortar matching, screen walls, and repairs of chimneys. While this may not seem like the most important thing for now, you would want a contractor, who can be contacted for almost anything related masonry work.

  1. “Are you licensed and insured?”

This is one of the most basic things that matters for selecting any home improvement service. A masonry contractor is only reliable if they are licensed, insured, and have in-house workers. Many companies and services actually hire people as and when they have a contract. Make sure that you hire a contractor who has an in-house team of workers, who are bonded, trained, and workers’ compensation benefit. General liability insurance is as important.

  1. “Do you offer warranty on the job?”

That’s another important question that is worth asking. Whether it is about masonry repair, new construction, or mortar matching services, you would want the contractor to show some confidence in the work. If they have promised something, it should be mentioned on the contract.

Comparing the estimates

You may get a bunch of estimates when you talk to masonry contractors, but don’t be tempted to select one based on the price alone. Instead, check for a service that’s known, reliable, and has good reviews. Nevertheless, getting an estimate is still important, because you do not want unwanted surprises later. Make sure that you do your bit to check what’s included in the cost, and if there is any scope for further add-ons.

Finally, do check the reviews of the masonry contractor you have finalized, and if you want to know the service better, don’t shy away from asking for references in your area.

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