Top 5 Reasons To Use a Polyurethane Caster

 Polyurethane has become a popular caster material choice among industrial settings, such as in manufacturing plants. Aside from their increased safety benefits, there are several other reasons you should choose this material for your casters. Here are five reasons to go with casters made from polyurethane. 

1. Reduced Noise

This material is popular because it operates much quieter than steel or iron. This can help you protect your employees’ hearing by reducing overall noise levels. Plus, the polyurethane absorbs shocks that can help cushion materials during transport. This means it absorbs any bumps it encounters on an uneven floor. 

2. Increased Load Bearing Capabilities

Another reason polyurethane is popular is because it can bear more weight than rubber. The shock absorption, noise reduction, and floor longevity of rubber are still present even when moving heavy loads. Polyurethane can bear similar weights to cast iron or steel without the negative side-effects of those materials. 

3. Safer Floors

Polyurethane wheels are the best choice when floor protection is a must. The polyurethane deflects to create a larger point of contact than harder materials like nylon. The increased footprint reduces the stress on your floor and makes them last longer. If your floor is expensive or important to your company’s operation, polyurethane is the obvious choice. 

4. Better Traction and Grip

Polyurethane is also great because of the friction generated between the wheels and the floor. This leads to enhanced grip and traction. As everyone knows, this is less of a problem on rough floors but can be dangerous on smooth surfaces. Harder wheels can slide on smooth floors and flip carts. However, polyurethane’s grippy material can keep carts from turning over on even the smoothest floors. Additionally, the enhanced traction can make it easier to reach your desired driving speeds with less force. 

5. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Several different polyurethanes are designed for specific environments with unique corrosive elements. For instance, some are resistant to chemicals, while others can take solvents and water. In humid environments, the right polyurethane will not disintegrate over time. Similarly, in places where chemical contamination is a threat, you can choose a specific polyurethane depending on what is in your plant to prolong your wheels’ lives and ensure they do not corrode in the face of your product. 

Polyurethane casters have many benefits. They reduce noise, protect your floors, are corrosion resistant, and give you grip and traction while bearing heavy loads. Because of this, switching to polyurethane could greatly improve your operations. 

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