Things You Didn’t Know About Leather Sofas

Leather sofas are a staple in many homes and offices. They provide comfortable seating and give the room a luxurious feel. The 3 seater sofa singapore with chaise is a popular choice in many homes.

  1. The first leather sofa was commissioned in 1853 by Queen Victoria.
  2. Leather is not one specific material. Instead, it’s a blanket term for any material that has been treated with chemicals to make it more durable and water resistant.
  3. The first American patent for a leather sofa was issued in 1859.
  4. The first American leather furniture company was founded in 1866.
  5. The first leather sofa with an innerspring mattress was invented by Walter Higginbotham in 1875.
  6. Leather furniture was originally dyed to hide imperfections in the leather.
  7. Leather sofas are available in various grades for different price points, from budget-friendly to top-notch luxury models that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  8. A well cared for leather sofa will last over 100 years with regular use and minimal damage (which is nearly impossible).


These are just a small handful of the many interesting facts about leather sofas. If you would like to learn more, consider buying one for your home or office.

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