The best quiet mini refrigerator on the market

Mini- refrigerator have gone from being called mini bars and found exclusively in hotels, to being an essential element in many offices, conference rooms, small spaces or even in dormitories of student residences.

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Its use is more and more widespread and it is a practical and convenient way to store small quantities of food that must remain cold.

Being like a traditional refrigerator but in a reduced format, they take up little space and can even be moved from one place to another if necessary. It is a very versatile appliance, where the Severing KS 9838 stands out as one of the favorites. It is a low consumption mini refrigerator (it has an A + energy certificate) and has a 42-liter capacity, which includes a small freezer compartment.


The first thing we should ask ourselves is what we want it for. It is not the same to need a mini refrigerator for a couple of drinks than to store food.

Traditional mini- refrigerator usually have a capacity between 40 and 50 liters. From there, we can find them with all kinds of capabilities. For example, there are mini- refrigerator where only 4 cans of soda can fit.

Obviously, the dimensions of the quiet mini refrigerator will depend on its capacity. For example, we might be interested in having a mini refrigerator that has a freezer compartment, which will add dimensions to the appliance. As a tip, let’s not just look at the capacity but the interior layout.If the shelves can be moved to change the height of the drawers, all the better. In this way we will make better use of its capacity.

Energy consumption

It may seem anecdotal, but it is not. Energy consumption must be taken into account, since it is an appliance that will remain constantly plugged in.

Although a mini refrigerator will consume less than a traditional refrigerator, it consumes enough energy to notice the differences between one energy rating and another in the electricity bill.

Therefore, it is recommended that it have, at least, the type a energy rating. We will surely appreciate it in the short term.

Despite everything, there are also desktop models to be able to connect them to the computer via USB.

If we are looking for something small that will keep a couple of drinks or a single topper cold for a few hours, this system will be enough. This type is not categorized with the same energy efficiency standards as other mini- refrigerators.

Is it noisy?

Maybe it’s something we don’t fall for until we start using it. However, if we are going to use the mini f refrigerator in a bedroom or in a place where we value silence, it is important that it be silent.

Although we can also be guided by the opinions of other users, this point we can check with the decibels that the mini refrigerator has. Below 50dB it should be quiet enough not to disturb you.


There are many suitable and resistant materials for this type of appliances. The only thing we advise is that, if we are going to use it outdoors, we make sure that they are made of stainless steel. In this way we will know that it will better withstand inclement weather.

As for the interior, being both materials good for our purpose, it will always be better to opt for glass shelves than metal. They are easier to clean and contain better any spills.

In short, it has a good size for this type of refrigerator. The fact that it has a freezer and its energy efficiency is perfect is very positive. A good option for storing food on a regular basis.

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