Five Tips to Make your Property More Attractive to Deer

Are you looking for ways to attract deer to your property for gazing at or hunting these graceful creatures? If so, there are different methods you can consider. The majority of hunters want more deer on their property and want them to keep coming.

If you are one of them, below are some things you must know to successfully attract deer to your land:

Improving your Landscaping

If you want to continuously attract deer to your land, you must know more besides plants and trees. It is imperative to be specific with the way the orchard is planned and you must work with an experienced landscaper for this. You should know that you can attract deer with natural landscaping from The idea here is to minimize costly mistakes and have a more planned ground for these creatures.

Know More about the Weather and Season in the Area

The weather and season influence the types of trees to plant to attract deer to your yard. While some trees and shrubs grow well in warmer climates, others require cooler environments. Because of this, you should also hire the services of a professional landscaper. Aside from being experienced with the local vegetation, landscapers can provide advice and seek further help from wildlife experts to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Learn about the Best Trees and Fruits to Grow

Deer tend to love certain trees and fruits. Apples, crab apples, and pears are some of the common choices and you must opt for hybrid varieties to easily grow them. You must also include a wider mix of trees, shrubs, and plants in your yard to give deer diversity in their food options. Other options include hickory, acorns, plums, pecans, honey locust, and persimmons.

Create Wood Clearings

Deer wood clearings for visibility, socialization, and establishing dominance. You will have these clearings while making clear-cuts to allow the growth of natural food. Ensure to cut new ones every 3-4 years because older ones can grow thick.

Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

To make sure deer stay in your area, you need to have enough browse and coverage. Also, you will want to have some kind of water feature on your property as deer tend to seek out a water source in the hotter months. You can dig a hole and sink a livestock tank or a kid’s pool in low spots that will collect rain. In addition, consider the need for transition corridors and avoid poisonous and dangerous plants for deer.

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