Termite Exterminator 101: The Need For Professional Pest Control!

Talk of common pests in homes, and you have termites. In the US, termites have caused havoc in almost every state. It is a common myth that termites only affect old buildings and homes with rotting wood. In fact, you can spot termites even in new homes. Termites can cause massive damage to the structure and components of your home, and repair costs can be huge. Not to forget, homes with termites actually don’t fetch the right kind of resale value. The most typical sign of termites would be hollowed wood. You may also find evidence of swarms, and in case of dry-wood termites, you can also find droppings. Termite control is best left to professional pest control services, and in this post, we are sharing a few details that may come in handy.

Do I really need termite exterminators?

DIY may not be the best choice for removing termites. Most homeowners barely have any specific knowledge about pests, let alone termites. One of the important tasks is to determine the entry points for these pests, and all these points have to be sealed. To remove termites, special equipment is required, including spray tanks, which are expensive. Pesticides used for removing termites have to be used effectively, and in a way that it doesn’t impact the health and wellbeing of the homeowners. As you may have guessed, you cannot do it all on your own, and hence, professional assistance is necessary.

How to choose a termite control service?

The basic rules for selecting a pest exterminator do apply for selecting a termite control company. Check if the company is experienced, well-known and has a reliable team of experts. They should also offer immediate assistance and must be open to discussing the products and methods used for extermination.

You can also choose to ask basic questions like-

  1. Are your team members licensed, trained and insured?
  2. Do you offer an assurance on the job?
  3. How long have you been dealing in termite control?
  4. Will you offer client references?
  5. Are your products safe for residential use?

The best termite exterminators in Smithfield will never shy away from sharing details of their work process, and as a new client, you have every right to ask questions. Also, get an estimate in advance, and make sure there is no room for hidden charges. If your building is old, consider getting periodical inspections done once in few months.

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