How a Flat Skylight Can Change the Perception of Your Home for the Better

It is absolutely incredible how much difference a flat skylight can make to the perception of a home. Immediately it can make any room (and adjoining rooms) appear much bigger and brighter than they actually are, with plenty of natural light flooding into the room through the window. You might think it is an obvious thing that the perception of a home can be dramatically changed with the installation of a flat skylight, but there is scientific research to back up the benefits of gaining more natural light in the home. There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that the value of the property can dramatically increase with the addition of a skylight to a property renovation or refurbishment.

You can see this most clearly in the homes of people who have lived in one property for many years and have decided to make a dramatic change with the installation of a flat roof skylight, whether this is part of an existing flat roof or as part of a brand-new extension that is being built at the property. A big, flat, glass roof light brings in so much more light to a room that was otherwise in darkness, boosting serotonin levels, increasing relaxation levels, and helping us to sleep that little bit better at night. It is astonishing what some extra light can do to the mental and physical health of a person.

Our non-visual photo receptors are responsible for this – only perceiving the difference between light and dark. What this means, is that if you are in a room that has natural light for a lot longer into the evening, you are scientifically more likely to sleep better at night, as our bodies do not need as much darkness to get to sleep.

A flat roof skylight brings in about six times as much light as a vertical window, which means that you don’t even need a particularly big skylight to make a difference. This big difference in natural sunlight can be more severe when you are working with the refurbishment of properties in big cities, where there is less space to play with generally. If you consider what a skylight could do the quality of life in a London property for example, and to the property price, it can become a very attractive option. For developers or those building houses and properties from scratch, the flat roof skylight can quickly become an integral part of their selling strategy.

Suppliers of flat roof skylights understand the concept of improving the aesthetics of a property with the addition of plenty of natural light. Rooms that benefit from greater levels of natural light are much more relaxing to be in than those rooms without any light, or with lower levels of natural light. As humans we always feel better in sunlight, and to have a room in the house where we can sit in natural light for longer amounts of time during the day (and into the evening) will naturally make us happier and to feel more relaxed. Working with suppliers of flat roof skylights helps to put together a comprehensive package for those companies working on property developments or refurbishment projects, allowing for flexibility in design and functionality.

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