Five Signs your Roof Needs Repair

The average roof can last up to fifty years; however, it is not immune to the elements. That is why it may need repairs in the long run and knowing when to contact recommended roofers in Bristol will help expand the life of your roof. Waiting too long to get a roof repair can result in many issues that can be time-consuming and expensive to deal with. Although you will not want to hear the news that your roof needs work, looking out for signs that your roof is developing some issues can help you save money in the long run.

These signs include the following:

Holes in the Roof

If your roof has big holes that can let the sunshine in, this could indicate it requires repair. Typically, this is the most obvious sign. However, it is often overlooked, especially in attics and other rooms that do not get used often. Make sure to check for holes that let the sunshine in room by room.

Damaged Shingles

If any shingles are missing or cracked or have curling corners or edges, these could mean impending roof repairs or replacement. If there are only small problems, you may have those shingles replaced cheaply. But, a widespread issue may indicate the need for a new roof.

Clogged Gutters

If you notice what seems to be granules, pieces of shingles, and sludge inside your rain gutters when you clean them, this could mean you must consider finding the right local roofing company in Bristol (UK). These issues could indicate your roof is deteriorating. Some asphalt roofs are expected to break down as they age. The detritus gets carried to the gutters where it collects when it rains.

Discoloration and Stains

As leaks go on for a long time, you will be able to see it on the ceilings and walls. When moisture develops further down into your home, it will bring dust and dirt with it. As this dirty water soaks the way through the surface of your walls and ceiling, it tends to discolour the paint that would be brown, yellowish, or grey in colour. On the ceiling, the discolouration will appear as a circulating ring and it will look like streaks dripping down on the walls. Those stains mean the leaks have reached all the way into your house. This serious water damage must be fixed immediately.

Increasing Energy Bills

Aside from light and water, there are other things that can leak through the holes in your roof. Air and heat can also leak through the wall. If temperature leaks, your heating and cooling system must run more frequently to make up for the breach. If your energy bill tends to cost you more every month, air leaking through the roof may be to blame. Other things that can contribute to higher energy bills include damaged and missing shingles, as well as areas of moisture infiltration on your roof. These days, you can be on top of roof care or get ready to spend a significant amount of money on roof repairs in the future.

Authro Bio – Anthony O Driscoll is a roofing contractor specialist and writes extensively on these subject. He has extensive experience as a contractor in his field and he writes for a number of leading Home & Gardening websites.

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