Do You Know How Can You Level Out by Topdressing an Uneven Lawn?

Often because of settling or any other factors, some areas of your lawn may become too uneven. If the condition happens to be too worse, then people may prefer to use topdressing methods to level out the lawn.

Before you prefer to use any Ecolawn top-dresser, it is essential for you to evaluate the condition of your lawn. It is important to keep your lawn in well maintained condition however often low spots may get developed that makes it difficult to mow.

So, what can be done when such situation is developed in your lawn ever. Following are three different conditions where you need to do topdressing in a different manner.

  • For mild uneven lawn

If your lawn is having mild unevenness then you may use least invasive approach. Following are few things that you can do:

  • Mix up batch of sand, topsoil and compost in a container.
  • Now on the top of those low areas apply ½” of the above soil mixture.
  • Rake up the topdressing for spreading it out evenly.
  • By using push-broom, try to work soil mixture within blades of grass thoroughly.
  • Try to monitor the progress and eventually, you will see grass.
  • Keep repeating above steps until its level becomes proper.

You may have to over seed the lawn before topdressing, if there are any bare spots.

  • For moderately uneven lawn

The above method may not be too effective if the lawn is little more uneven and the process may take too long a time too. So, in such case the following can be tried.

  • Try to remove sod over low spot areas and then set it aside.

  • After you replace all the sod then shovel enough the topsoil into hole so that, area will become even.
  • Add water as you shovel all the soil into hole so that all air pockets will be removed.
  • Replace all the sod and then water the grass.
  • For moonscape like lawn

Lastly, let us discuss about most extreme case where your lawn is so much littered with the craters that it almost looks like moon surface.

In such situation, you will need to do little more amount of major renovation by considering the area and by establishing new turfgrass stand.

In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to take same steps which you have to establish almost for a new lawn, but only thing that you need to do these steps within smaller area.

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