Are Your Windows and Doors Secure Enough?

As we head into Autumn and Winter is fast approaching it is important that we take stock and begin to look at many different aspects of our lives. Home security is one of the most important issues that we individually have responsibility for, and protecting your home with home security products such as home alarm systems, smart video doorbells and other types of similar security products, allows us to have complete peace of mind, protect our families and valuables. There are many different aspects to home security and many different types of home security solutions, but the place that you should analyse first should always be your windows and doors.

If you think about your home as a target for criminals, you’ll start to see how they might think about targeting it. Your front door is the main entry point, and although it might seem an obvious starting point, many criminals looking for a house to break into will begin by trying a front door. That is why your front door security is so important. Test your front door to see if it is strong enough to withstand a person attempting to batter his or her way through it, then move on to the front door locks. There are fantastic door lock suppliers and installers who can help you install door locks that can withstand up to half hour of attempted breakage, meaning it is much more likely to scare someone off. A criminal is not likely to keep trying a door lock for up to half hour, as it drastically increases the chances of them being caught.

As well as changing the locks to improve front door security at your property you can also reinforce the kick plates on the door, or go down the smart technology route and install a smart video doorbell. A doorbell with a video feed allows you to see who is at your front door at all times via an app on your phone. Easy to install, and very easy to manage.

Once you have looked at the security of your front door you should move to investigating the other potential vulnerable points of your home. This includes the other doors around the perimeter of the building, including any back or side doors, as well as the doors to outbuildings, such as sheds and garages. You can improve the security on your outbuildings by purchasing strong padlocks.

The windows around your home are another vulnerable entry point, and if you keep them locked when outside, or even at night, you want to be sure that the locks are strong enough to withstand attack from a potential burglar. You can change the locks on your windows if you are worried about them, and if you have kids there is a reverse problem to consider – how to keep them safe whilst maintaining a fresh flow of air. This can be rectified by installing window restrictors that can only be opened to a certain amount, keeping children safe inside, maintaining air flow, and acting as a deterrent to burglars.

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