5 Best Refrigerators To Purchase In 2020

You cannot decide on which fridge to shop for by just looking at it and judging by how attractive its designs are. Most of the fridges look similar so it is difficult to distinguish their distinct nature.  It is important to evaluate the features of the different types of fridge and choose from the best.

Best Refrigerators based on a review of their features

  • LSXS26366S

One of the best LG side-by-side fridges with three doors is LSXS26366S. It gives high-quality food preservation. Food items can be stored in door-to-door storage accessed with a button without having to disrupt the entire fridge’s cooling process. Make sure to check out LES Specialistes de l’Electromenager for more models manufactured locally.

  • Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF

The Frigidaire FG4H2272UF comprises of best features overall. It is a stylishly designed fridge that has many extremely spacious storage compartments. It has been tested to be maintaining cold temperatures throughout.

  • Kenmore Elite 72483

The features highlighted in this fridge are adjustable shelves, great food preservation external water and ice dispenser, numerous storage compartments, and a trendy look.

  • Samsung RF260BEAESR and RF28JBEDBSG

RF260BEAESR unique feature includes an enclosed drawer with three modifiable settings: Deli- for meat products, Fresh- for fruits and veggies, and Chilled- for cold beverages. It might, however, be expensive. It has four such settings: Wine, Snacks, Meat/Fish, and Cold beverages. They both are stylish.

  • Haier HRF15N3AGS

This model is perfect if you want a narrower fridge that fits your small kitchen space. If you can do without additional features but the great cooling performance at within affordable price, this is the right fridge for you.

Criteria for purchasing a fridge

  • Should have great food preservation with consistent temperature and humidity.
  • Measure the cutout of the cabinet if you desire your fridge to fit there.
  • Consider the kitchen space you have and the amount of food you frequently store before choosing what type of refrigerator to purchase.
  • The storage capacity of a suitable fridge for you must be able to store food items for your daily use.
  • More complex the fridge, the more likely to be consuming more energy.


Though budgeting is important do not worry because you can get a wide price range for the type of refrigerator you want especially during offer seasons. It is extremely important that you purchase the fridge right for you and your family’s daily use.

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