Why you should choose wooden sash windows for your home

Replacing sash windows for a refurbishment project might on the face of it seem like hard work, that you would be better removing them entirely and going for something a little more modern. This would be folly. There are ways to include wooden double-glazed sash windows to have that perfect balance between style and modernity and instead of removing you should always be looking at replacing sash windows through suppliers that have experience and know-how. There are different styles and types of sash windows, and a range of benefits to help fit any budget, any style and architecture and to help create the perfect aesthetic.

Whatever your reasons for looking at sash window options for your property, there are a few benefits to timber sash windows. Here, we take a look at a few of those benefits. What we would say though, is that you should always have the advice and guidance from an expert supplier of sash windows to ensure you are making the correct choice for your project.

One of the biggest reasons to choose timber sash windows is that by utilising ethically sourced timber, you are choosing an environmentally friendly material. In terms of the production and processing, the way it is transported and used within the construction side of a project, timber uses a low amount of energy when compared to other materials that can be used to make sash windows. Timber also has an incredibly long lifespan and can be re-used and recycled.

What we all want when working on a refurbishment project is to make sure that everything looks great. There is no getting away from it, timber sash windows are aesthetically pleasing and are a popular choice because of this. Using wooden sash windows can actually help you to increase the value of the property, and in some cases where you are working on a listed building it might actually be a requirement to use timber sash windows in order to replicate the original exactly.

Timber offers flexibility, in that it can be carved to suit different styles, it can be painted or stained and offer a wide range of choices within your design ideal. It is also naturally a good insulator, helping to keep properties warm and lower the impact on your energy bills. On top of that timber offers integrity of structure and higher levels of security.

There are different ways in which you can approach a process of replacing sash windows. Whether you are choosing a repair of sash windows in an existing property, completing removing them and replacing with wooden double-glazed sash windows or any other variation on the theme, you should always consult with experts in the field before progressing with a project of this nature. Sash windows offer a fantastic addition to any property, no matter the style and architecture of the structure. There are a few benefits, as you can see above, so we would always recommend choosing this style of window if you are in the market for something new, or at least we would implore you to replace or repair the sash windows in place, if they have suffered from disrepair at a property you are in the process of renovating.

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