Why Pick an Artificial Tree for Christmas Over a Real Tree?

There is always a debate around Christmas about fake versus a real tree. I have heard valid points from both sides. It seems to me, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people just love real trees for their unique shapes, unmatchable scent, and tradition of going and picking out the perfect tree. Other people do not want to deal with the hassle of a real tree. I am an artificial tree fan. I grew up with them and now, so do my children. How about we take a look at a few reasons why artificial is the way to go.

You can check out some Balsam Hill tree reviews to find that artificial trees are less labor-intensive than a real tree. Many of them are pre-lit so you do not have to get tangled up in lights every year. That is if you can get them untangled in the first place. You do not have to water an artificial tree. You do not have to go out and buy the tree, or even cut your own tree down. An artificial tree is not going to drop needles all over the floor, or even worse, sap. An artificial tree gets boxed up at the end of the season ready for next year. You never have to worry about disposal.

Typically the cost of an artificial tree is less than a real tree in the long run. This is mainly because you reuse the same tree every year. If you care for your artificial tree properly, it can last for decades. If you shop for one right after Christmas, you can usually find a really good deal. Check out Balsam Hill reviews for great prices. The cost of real trees is steadily increasing as they become more lifelike and have helpful features like pre-lit lights added.

The artificial trees of today look real. You can hardly tell the difference between the two, especially at a distance. You can also leave your artificial tree up for as long as you want. You do not have to worry about it dying and becoming a fire hazard. You can leave your artificial tree up and change the decorations for each season if you would like.

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