Things to know about Sonotube Concrete Forms

Sonotube Concrete Forms are the most used fiber forms due to their affordability. The commercial concrete forms are for column forming applications. Sonotube commercial forms can stay in heavy rainfall. They stand up to full liquid head pressures of heights up to 20 feet and also offer improved strength and tear resistance. Sonotube commercial forms are best for distributors, concrete sub-contractors and general contractors with demanding commercial-grade applications. This is because they have patented, poly-woven exterior. Also, they deliver a more functional, versatile and economical alternative to steel and fiberglass forms.

Sonotube forms prevent blowouts. This is because of its superior strength-to-weight properties. Contractors all around the world can count on Sonotube commercial concrete forms to stand strong in their superior technology and value.

Below are some advantages of sonotube commercial forms:

-Full liquid head up to 20 feet

-Highly water-resistant


-Will not rust

-Single-use for entire levels that can be poured at once

-very easy to cut to length or drill at the job site

-Lightweight tubes may be moved around the job site without any assistance of a crane

-No cleaning or maintenance

-No return freight

-Safer: less weight/no pinch points

-Available in nominal diameters for easy storage and transport.

2)Sonotube round concrete forms:-

To discuss this lets some points with which we will know the importance of sonotube round concrete forms

A heritage of trust

Sonotube round concrete forms have been a reliable brand by contractors for over 70 years. These are a cost-effective option to make round columns for buildings, structural columns, and other commercial and residential structures.

Rain resistance

Contractors applied for more than a century of leadership in design, technology, and manufacturing to create a high-strength, rain-resistant paper for Sonotube forms. The paper’s attributes allowed contractors to reduce the weight of the forms, making them easier to handle, set, strip and discard. Thus with such technology, Sonotube Concrete forms stand strong even in wet weather. It’s like set today and pour tomorrow.

Industry-leading technology and value

The superior strength-to-weight properties of Sonotube may eliminate the need to use a crane during setup. Sonotube round concrete forms stand strong in their superior technology and value unknown facts by all contractors around the world.


To keep wet weather from impacting your pour there are rain resistant technologies.

-it is a bit easy to setup and brace.

-During concrete form, setting strength-to-weight properties prevent blowouts

-More effective concrete form setting.

-Easily cut

-No cleaning, reassembling, or return freight costs.

-Set and pour multiple columns at one time.


-Columns for residential and commercial buildings and other structures.

-Outdoor sign, light pole and fence-post bases.

-Footings and concrete column molds.

-Stub piers for elevated ramps.

-Flagstones and round steps.

-Theatrical and movie props.

-Can be used as large shipping tube

-Other concrete column applications.

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