Managing the Operation of Your Stairlift

The equipment operations manual is about one of the most undermined items in the pack [of the equipment]. We often throw it off or store it far away somewhere we may barely recall when the need for it arises. This doesn’t make it less useful, and the reality dawns on us when our equipment develops an issue and we need to troubleshoot it. With this in mind, this article is designed to address some issues that may affect the normal functioning of stairlifts.

Let’s now see how some troubleshooting options for common problems:

The Stairlift is Not Moving

The first protocol in addressing an unresponsive stairlift is to check whether or not the key switch is on. If it is turned off, then you should simply turn it on. But if the stairlift was previously on and won’t move, you should proceed to check the power supply to see if the device has its red indicator light on. Ordinarily, your stairlift should start working again after doing those things. If not, it may be something more serious, and you will have to reach out to a technician to have it fixed.

Swivel Seat Not Working

When the swivel seat ceases to function, the whole chair will not work and will keep going back to the landing point. To get rid of this, you should locate the swivel levers beneath the seat and use them to lock the swivel system back into position.

Remote Control Not Working

A non-functional stairlift remote control will, most likely, be a result of dead batteries. Hence, you will have to replace the dead batteries with a new set [of batteries]. If this does not resolve the problem of a non-functioning, you should understand that there is a need for a replacement remote.

Continuous Beeps

A continuous beeping sound from the stairlift could indicate a particular issue. It could be a safety concern or that the battery is not charging properly. Plus, it can also come about when power drops. Whatever the case, you should check around to see the thing that may be untoward and have it fixed if you can – if not, you should enlist the service of a professional. Relatedly, your stairlift may become noisy if there is a problem with some internal components or when it is overdue for servicing. In any of these instances, the expertise of a technician will be very much appreciated.

Stairlift Gets Stuck or Jammed

The smooth movement of the stairlift may be impeded if there is any obstruction on the stairway. So, if you noticed this, you should inspect both the stairway and the track to see what the obstruction may be and have such (obstruction) removed. Again, you should note that poor lubrication of the track can also disturb the movement of the stairlift. So, you should have it lubricated at least once every 2 – 3 months.

Stairlift Moving Slowly

Most cases of slowly running stairlifts have been linked to a faulty or nearly dead battery – and it can generally be a power issue. You may need a replacement if the problem is connected to the battery.   

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