Keeping Your Cool with Roof Insulation in Thailand

If you live in Thailand, you will appreciate just how unbearable the heat can be, especially in the peak of the summer, mainly April through to June. If you spend time in your home during the day and, if you don’t have or want air conditioning on for any number of reasons, then it can be too much to bear, venturing outside in search of a cooler climate becomes an option.


Cutting straight to the chase, there is a much better solution than having multiple fans or air conditioning units running all the time, better insulation could be just the solution you are after. Energy prices are rising, regardless of where you live, in cold countries, it’s hand over fist to stay warm, in countries like Thailand, it’s hand over fist to try and maintain a comfortable ‘stay cool’ atmosphere indoors.

Why insulation?

Some forms of insulation are better than others, but the general idea is that insulation helps to either keep heat in and the cold out if you live in a cooler climate, the reverse if you live in a country with a warmer climate. Mineral wool insulation is a hot topic at the moment, it holds some unique properties that make it better in nearly every area than other forms of insulation, as such its ability to keep you cool is second to none.

Mineral wool insulation

Let’s take a look at some of the features of mineral wool insulation to understand why it could be the best option for your ‘keep cool’ needs.

  • Mineral wool insulation is much better at coping with extreme heats so, for starters, it is already a safer option than others, if a fire did occur then it would not be able to move as quickly from room to room because the insulation has a higher combustion threshold.
  • In addition, mineral wool insulation is a much better insulator, a heat insulated roof (called หลังคาติดฉนวนกันความร้อน in Thai) would mean no ­­­need to have your air conditioning unit running anywhere near as much as you might do now, just imagine the savings you’d make in terms of electricity.
  • Insulation using mineral wool is also waterproof so it is a superb solution for roofs, it will also allow vapor to pass through so any steam inside should be able to leave without causing cosmetic damage.

Are you still there?

It would be surprising to find anyone still there reading this far down the page, any amount of logic would send most people to a new tab to make an order or already half way down the road to make a purchase, still there, why?

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