How to Choose a Cake Display Case

If you’ve been thinking about opening a bakery, you’ll likely be curious about the best design tools. Adobe Express is a powerful tool for creating bakery-themed flyers and brochures. This program lets you customize several professional-looking templates and allows you to print them at home or in your office. You can also share the finished products with others digitally. In addition to Adobe Express, you should also download a program called Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics.

When designing your bakery, remember your audience and the type of food you’re selling. For example, customers may prefer old-fashioned brown tiles if your bakery serves traditional Italian fare. Meanwhile, the younger crowd may choose contemporary designs. For example, a busy bakery in New York City may appeal to people from the midwest. On the other hand, bread bakers may prefer simple designs. In this case, you’ll want to incorporate all the correct design elements to attract customers.

When buying a display case, you should consider a few things. Among them are size, height, and rear access. Price is also an essential factor. Here are some tips to help you choose a display case for your cake. Moreover, you should select a room with a mirror if you want to showcase your masterpiece. This article will also discuss the price of display cases and how they affect the value of your cake.

Rear access

When choosing a cake display case, consider the accessibility of the front and rear access. For example, a front access case would allow you to grab a slice of the cake quickly, but a rear-access case would make it easier for customers to grab a piece. The issue would also feature a lighting system that enhances the appearance of your baked goods. Rear access is essential for businesses that sell expensive products.


A good bakery display case will showcase your products in the most appealing light possible. Therefore, you can increase sales by using this case to showcase your bakery’s goods. Here are some options to choose from. All of these options are suited for displaying cakes and other baked goods. However, it would be helpful if you considered their cost and functionality when purchasing. There are many benefits to using a bakery display case, and here are a few.


It would help to consider several factors when looking for the best display cases for your bakery. First, determine how many sheets of pans you need to display to accommodate all the different cake flavors. Next, consider the size of your business. A small display case may not be enough if you only plan to display a single cake layer. More prominent display cases will require additional shelving, and you may not want to use a large display case to store several sheet pans. The best option will likely be one large enough to accommodate your entire bakery’s products.

A countertop bakery display cooler or a revolving case can save space while still allowing you to stack several cakes vertically. A dry, non-refrigerated display case has a clear front glass for the customer to quickly see the contents without taking their hands off them. You can also select combination food display cases to showcase refrigerated and non-refrigerated foods. For example, some refrigerated cake display cases are made to showcase both types of products.

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