Fundamental Tips for a Stylish Look

It is entirely possible to have unlimited cash for clothes and still go out looking terrible. Fashion is not just about how much money you spend (Ok, sometimes it is) it is more about your choices and your awareness of how the clothes make you look. Many people try to portray a sense of style with labels and overly expensive pieces. But if they don’t know how to put an outfit together, they will be viewed as the posers that they are. Following are some tips to help you dress better, but not necessarily break the bank.

  • Fit: Getting the right fit is sexy. To get the right fit, you must know a little bit about your body. If you have an athletic shape, you are going to be able to get away with anything. But if you are like most of us you will need to be a little cleverer. When purchasing a shirt, find a shirt that accentuates your shoulders, and then tapers your body in a masculine way.
  • Wear Your Good Clothes: There is no sense buying nice things and then only wearing them three or four times before they no longer fit, or they are out of style. And If you have nice clothes, wear them whenever the situation allows it. If they get dirty you wash them. In Sydney, laundry services are available with an online search. When you get tired of them donate them, so someone less fortunate can look good for a while. Clothes don’t improve in your closet, quite the opposite really.
  • Shoes: One of men’s unfortunate traits is believing that their shoes are invisible. Or that any pair of shoes is fine for most situations. The truth is, women look at shoes right away, and people who could advance your career look at shoes too. And when they see a pair of trainers, they see a slob, unless you are in the park. Get some nice shoes, get a few styles, and wear them all the time.
  • Accessories: Like shoes, accessories are misunderstood by many men. If you are going to wear a piece of Jewellery, it shouldn’t be made of braided leather and beads. And if it is made from a precious metal, it shouldn’t be thick enough to tow a car, and there should only be one of them, In the case of a watch, there is tremendous opportunity here to cheat. If it looks expensive, 99% of the time. People will think it is.

This is just the beginning, but hopefully these tips will get you started in the right direction.

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