Four Helpful Tips when Buying Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders are known for their ability to add significant value to interior decor. They are used to creating special highlights in some areas on a wall. These borders can be placed three feet from the floor in the middle of a wall to separate the wall’s bottom from the top.

Wallpaper borders can be arranged in many ways in a room like stacking different wallpaper of different contrasts. Also, they can be strategically placed at the point where the two colors meet. A lot of homeowners prefer to install striped patterns on top of a wall and a flowered pattern towards the bottom.

A wallpaper border can be hung at the top of the wall to draw the eye upward. Having all decorations at eye level or below will make a room feel stunted or low. If you are on the market for wallpaper borders, the tips below can guide you:

Choose the Size Carefully

A lot of people think that drawing attention to a low ceiling will bring it down. However, they do not know that the border’s size can make a difference. In terms of borders, bitter is better. When you look up to view a border at the top of a wall, remember that it will look smaller from below. Consider a 6” to 8” border on a standard-height room.

Determine where to Apply the Border

You can apply a wallpaper border at some point midway up a wall. Although it serves to draw attention upward and can work well in a shorter room, applying a border at standard ceiling height in an overly tall room will bring the space down to human proportions. You can also apply a border at a chair-rail height that is often 30 inches off the floor to create a nice division on the wall and anchor the lower half of the room well. Remember not to hang a border midway between the floor and ceiling.

Know How to Mix and Match Patterns

Generally, big mixes with small and opposites attract. Two huge patterns conflict and cancel each other out. Also, two small patters will look nervous and too busy. Many homeowners choose to combine a bold stripe with a floral pattern. But you don’t want to combine a plaid pattern and a similarly-sized floral as they will cancel each other out. Most wallpaper borders on the market are designed to coordinate with their wallpapers. This makes pairing them to the paper an easy pick.

Moreover, floral patterns are generally a great choice because of their calming effect on most people. Studies have shown that the presence of flowers enhances mood, innovation, and empathy among stressed-out people. Decorate wallpaper with a flowery theme inspires creativity, improves memory, and reduces negativity and anxiety.

Consider Maintenance

The best wallpaper borders are fully waterproof. They should not collect dust. They should be good when you give them a good old scrub with a damp cloth or a wet sponge. In terms of border maintenance, it all comes down to the kind of material they are made of.

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