Few Options of Floor Plans for Your New Home

Hawthorne floor plan house for sale can offer you three different kinds of floor plan options for you:

  1. Traditional plan
  2. Contemporary plan
  3. Custom plan

Each of these plans has their own pros and cons. Therefore, while choosing your floor plans, you can check with the lifestyle of your family and decide which one will be most appropriate for you.

Let us see about all the three plans little more closely.

Traditional plan

Usually in a traditional plan, you may continue to have almost same space but there will be more walls. Any house that was built about 10 years ago may have similar plan. People prefer this option due to following reasons.

  • Many designs options:

In each of the room, you have freedom to create your own design or style to suit your lifestyle. You can have any color in different materials of your choice.

  • More privacy

There will be more area available to you for having quiet time.

  • Cozier feeling

Larger room size will make you comfortable.

  • Better sound control

Since there are more walls present, sound cannot pass easily to other room and thus you have better control on sound.

  • Lower energy bill

Heating and cooling will be easier and hence lower energy bill.

Contemporary plan

There will be more open feel and allow people to feel more together even if they may not be in the same room. Following are few benefits of this plan:

  • Accessibility

Because of more space, it will be easier to move all around.

  • More open sight

Families can easily keep proper control on their kids.

  • More natural light

Windows will offer more natural light as there will be fewer walls to block them.

  • Contemporary aesthetic

More of these open types of such floor plan that you can see in latest homes.

  • Better resale value

As these are popular choices, you can get better resale value.

Custom plan

In the custom plan, you have the freedom to choose material, rooms, colors, styles, fixtures and anything that you may prefer. One can suggest the builder to make their house according to individual plan and need.

One of the popular custom ideas which are preferred by many is having larger shower without any door.

Among the three above choices, one can choose their options for their new dream house. Builders will be ready to accept whatever choice you make for your new home.

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