Best Solutions for the best Room Decore

With the Covid-19 pandemic, vacations on the other side of the world seem to be compromised for the summer of 2020. Never mind, nothing prevents you from recreating a summer spirit directly in your interior. To find inspiration, we give you our 5 decorative ideas to put the show in summer mode.

Swap cozy linens for light textiles

The first thing to do to switch your salon to summer mode is to adapt your textile accordingly. Store wool blankets, thick blankets and velvet cushion covers and replace them with light household linen. Swap your curtains for fine curtains that allow you to keep your privacy while letting in light. Which textile materials should be favored for a summer decor? Cotton, cotton gauze, linen and all other organic materials. From CraftSide you will get the best options at the moment.

Multiply natural materials and plant fibers

Beyond household linen, natural materials are preferred over furniture to breathe a breath of freshness indoors. And there is no shortage of ideas: a hemp carpet, a wicker armchair, a wooden side table, rattan baskets, a straw pendant lamp, a bamboo screen … summer, natural materials allow a real return to basics and that is not to displease us.

Say yes to green power.

Indoor plants, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a wreath of dried flowers, a collection of cacti and succulents, aromatic herbs and an indoor vegetable patch. Bring nature into your living room to bring good humor (all the more if you don’t not benefit from outside). And to highlight your favorite plants, bet on the authenticity of handcrafted accessories: a macrame suspension for a drooping plant, a ceramic vase or a pottery for bouquets of flowers. Treat yourself.

Opt for indoor / outdoor furniture

With sunny days, the living room takes on new dimensions. And very often it evolves and offers itself a new arrangement, as if to follow the light and better take advantage of each ray of the sun. That is why, we recommend that you opt for small furniture that is easily transportable such as a pedestal table, a side table, a side table, stools, small chairs and foldable models … In this way, you can move the furniture as you see fit. It is also the ideal time to create a relaxation corner worthy of the name. Hammock, hanging chair, pouffe, deckchair or chaise longue, it’s up to you to decide which seat you prefer to create a lazy space in your living room. What give you even more desire to succumb to the Nesting trend.

Bring holiday air with the accessories

To have the impression of being on vacation from your sofa, you just need to accessorize your room with decorative objects that remind you of your best summer memories. We imagine, for example, straw hats as a wall decoration and wicker baskets as a planter for a country spirit, cushions with bayadère patterns for a seaside spirit, prints with tropical plants for an exotic atmosphere, wall baskets and wax patterns for a decor inspired by Africaand don’t forget to personalize your decor by displaying some souvenirs brought back from your own vacation.

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