A Guide to Swimming Pool Safety in NSW

If it has always been your dream to have your own pool in the garden and you have crunched the numbers and it is now doable, you will need to comply with NSW State regulations regarding pool safety. Every pool property owner must obtain a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance and in this article, we outline the requirements for the compliance certificate.

  • CPR Sign – There must be a CPR sign within the designated pool enclosure, which must be clearly legible. The sign diagrams how to perform CPR and can be purchased from the state-approved Pool Certification inspector.
  • Pool Barrier – The pool fencing must be of the correct height according to the size of the pool and there can be no gaps larger than 100mm, while the fencing must be on good order. Prior to contacting swimming pool certifiers in Sydney, make sure you have all of the major points covered and have a quick walk around before the inspector arrives.
  • Pool Gating – The gate must be outward opening, be at least 1200mm high and has a self-closing mechanism that works when the gate is in any position. The gate release must be at least 1500mm from the ground and any hinges must be capped (otherwise they are a climbing aid).
  • Climbing Aids – Any object within 1200mm of the pool fencing is regarded as a potential climbing aid and must therefore be removed. This includes trees, shrubs or any man-made object that is deemed to be a climbing aid for a child trying to access the pool.
  • Inside the Pool Enclosure – The items that are permitted to be inside the pool enclosure are shade structure, water filtration equipment and fixed slides. All garden furniture must be outside the pool enclosure and there can be no washing lines, cooking equipment within the enclosure.

State-Approved Pool Certification Company

When you think your pool is compliant with state requirements, search with Google to find a local pool certification company that is approved by the state and you can book a pool inspection via their website.

It is worth noting that any anonymous person could complain to the state about your pool and the state are obliged to follow up and can issue heavy penalties, should the pool owner be negligent. Once you have a Pool Compliance Certificate, it is valid for 3 years and remember that your pool could be randomly inspected at any time.

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